Friday, December 30, 2011

Last glimpse of 2011 . Lookbacks .

Hi people !! i'm finally back . well , the flea on 24th went on quite okay . not that great as the first time !! :@
Still glad that Edmund came over and helped us and those who came down to support .
While on the 25th , we 3 girls (ATM) went over to have lunch with Mr gopal at long beach .


and he ordered so much food like crab and prawns . super love the prawns and the service at the outlet at holland there . They actually un-shell the crabs for us !! omg . muack
After that , Mr Gopal gave us a ride home in his sports car ^^

At night , i actually went with my family to Sakura buffet at clementi to celebrate dad's birthday and christmas . FATDIEME. Quite great , came back and watch Materal Queen straight away .

 Well today , i just came back from a chalet from 27th to 30th . Will be talking more abt the chalet on my next post with more pictures ok . i dont be spoiler . but to start with was a great chalet with Ahmengs , Rosanna and Geraldine :D

Anyway , the purpose of today's post will be abt the lookbacks in 2011 .
Let me talk abt the tough parts first ..
  1. Handling with breakups ? But everything is fine now though. hahaha
  2. Last few weeks before o'level . ( chiong + nervous ).
  3. Getting fat . LOL (eat and eat and eat )
So now the happy moments ^^ ..........................
  1. chalet with Ahmengs , Rosanna and Geraldine !!!
  2. Getting back with J ..
  4. USS with Ahmengs !!
  5. Getting in same class with Tiffany,Mandy and Rosanna . and we formed MART . hahaha
  6. Class BBQ outing . Miss my classmates alr .
  7. 6months holiday. ^^
 Cant think now . LOL
i think overall 2011 has been good to me . so i hope 2012 will be even better and kind to me .
My new year resolution will be to get good grades for o'levels and stay close and bonded with all my loved ones . xoxo

And maybe on the third , i hope i find a job soon ? i'm slacking my holidays off without earning money . M.A.R.T still says wanna treat each other after we get first pay . NOW STILL NO JOB WHERE GOT FIRST PAY !!!
Fourth , maybe i hope i slim down . Lmao . No-more-good-food.
although today is not 31st yet , but i doubt i will be blogging tmr anyway .

MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND GOOD FORTUNE FOLLOWS YOU ESP IF YOU GUYS VISIT MY BLOG OFTEN.Hope i'm counting down tomorrow for the new year . be happy everyone , let's welcome for the new year with high sprits okay !! say hi if you see me tmr . LOL #random
Now let's look back at some photos for 2011 and cry ................................................
 Ending my post now . Next post will be abt the chalet !! will be up when i have collected all the photos . Love you readers . Have a nice countdown . see you guys again in 2012 . xoxo .muack !

Monday, December 19, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HERI KUSTANTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
Happy 16th birthday yeah !! and please please do not be clumsy anymore alright !! haha
Anyway , collected a few photos of us . check this out .
it starts from the latest to last year . LOL

Anyway , just wanna tell you that must be happy no matter what . anything can come and talk to us and we will help you . so dont keep it all bottled up and swim in yr condo . LOL random .
Anyway , have a safe and fun trip at korea ( if you notice i repeated these 3 times alr )
LOL. Forever my bhb, stalker and cute brother !!! ♥

I like your cheeky smile :)

Hope you see this brother , please do not cry after seeing this i know you might right !!!
hahahahaha . that's all for this post . remember to view my previous post as well regarding the flea trip .
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

FLEA @24th dec .

Hi people !! if you have been following on my twitter (like Heri aka stalker) LOL
You would have know that we are setting up a flea again on 24th dec at scape which is actually christmas eve . so if you havent do yr christmas shopping , you can head down to scape to do a last min christmas shopping for yourself , your family and even your friends !!
come on down to support us !!
This time round , we 3 (atm) will be bringing more clothes to sell . and some of our clothes is actually new . i will be pasting tag if it's new okay .
well , another thing is that , this time we will be selling men's top and t-shirt as Heri is selling them off .
so what are you waiting for ? hurry and mark down on yr calender that it will be scape at 24th.
after the flea , you can also enjoy the lightings at orchard to enjoy the christmas spirit . you can also countdown to christmas !!! killing 3 birds with a stone right ?

Anyway , christmas is coming .. everyone is getting excited over the celebration . hahaha .
last year i remembered , we went to ton and had steamboat on the eve while on the actual day my family went bbq at aunt's condo .
This year will be better . new wishes and etc . so i wish everyone will get their desired results and have a good christmas alright !! xoxo

anyway , on the 27th to 30th we will be having a chalet with ahmengs again . so excited for it . omg .
that's all , seeya on the 24th at scape people !!!!!!!!!!!!! hope to see familar faces like the previous time !!! hahahahhaha . so thankful to people who come down that time , hopefully there will be more this time round yeah .

Friday, December 16, 2011


sorry for the late post !! omg . hahaha . anyway , i'm suppose to blog abt the USS trip today right ?
but let me start of with my cabinet first !! i woke up at 6.30a.m becoz' we are meeting at 7.30 a.m
and then the pole inside my cabinet dropped again .. -_-
so i took out all my clothes to donate . LOL . so come down and get it from me if you want .
NAH KIDDING . pay me $10000 first .

Well it rained in between , and we were caught in the rain at one time . and we had our own strategy which is to walk in the sides and corner . funny .
Leonard  Edmund and Heri didnt walk in the rain with us , they bomb us and sat in the cafe drinking soft drinks . sad .
Anyway , i think my top 2 fav ride would be Human (red rollarcoaster) and Transformer !!
Well , transformer was superb , but we queued almost 2 hrs !! so we only sat for once .
we sat revenge of the mummy countless time , playing with the camera AGAIN . hahahaha
still remember last year , edmund pointed middle finger and the photo was deleted . hahaha!!
Human ride was fun i think , the first time i took it i nearly back out and Samatha and Edmund were so afraid i would cry . but i didnt . LOL . we took it for the 2nd time , and edmund says it was more scary than the 1st time .

All of them took cylon twice , while i took once only . because i was really afraid to hop on it .
so i gave it a miss the first time .
as for the second time , everyone was busy persuading me .
LET ME TELL YOU HOW THE AHMENGS PERSUADE..........................
  1. Lenard told me if i go and ride , i would lose 6kg when i come down . totally L-O-L
  2. Edmund and Heri said if i still feel scared when i come down , they would treat me dinner
  3. Jiahao told me i pay so much money , must at least sit once . and since i alr stepped into the queue , die then die liao . and he said the dragon ride was even scarier .
  4. the rest of them told me it's not that scary afterall , just shout and close my eyes .
so i did hop on to it afterall , and i screamed and screamed . Edmund and Tiffany kept laughing at me throughout the whole ride with me in the middle screaming , i can hear their laughter esp EDMUND'S..

We sat almost all the rides except real kiddy ones .. and we missed the waterworld and the moster rider show ...... ):
We played all the way till 8 p.m ++ as the rides close at 9p.m
We went vivo and Vivian came to join us , took a group picture and went to have our dinner .
After dinner , we went up to the upper deck to slack and cab home eventually .
Had a awesome and wonderful day with the Ahmengs !! \m/ Love each and everyone one of them
Next trip will be the chalet . Excited siao . LOL.
Anyway , i didnt post all photos up . so you can view the photos at My facebook page and Mandy's facebook page coz we both snapped different photos .

i swear the cafe part (above) was super funny . hahahahahhahaha .
That's the end of my post , hope you enjoyed my post and visit often . Thank you !!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rosanna's birthday !!

Hi people!! I'm back to blog again . Photos are all taken today .
so hot from my camera , and it's 13th Dec today . so it's Rosanna's birthday !!
We went out to celebrate her birthday at ktv today . Firstly we met at westmall to have our lunch at subway . she waited super long for us , sorry!
we went to get cake for to cele too , passed her all our presents as well .
Next , we travel to cdens for ktv and played monopoly deal first while waiting .

Mandy acting cute in these photos !! LOL

SO lastly , another happy birthday to Rosanna Chua . Hope you have a great time with us !! <3
Anyway , today is also Ian Fang and Taylor Swift's birthday !! hahahahaha .
That's all for today . heading to USS tomorrow with my beloved ahmengs !! \m/
super excited have not , will be back with more photos !! stay tune then !!
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